Thursday, April 10, 2014

etsy love: favorite shop

Do you love color? Do you love graphic prints, clocks, wood, midcentury, affordability? Check out these delicious designs from Objectify on, yum, yum!

I could go on and on - they only have 270 to choose from! 
How does one choose and how many clocks are too many clocks? ;-)

Friday, March 21, 2014

that fireplace is so... done!

Yesterday was the first day of spring and the last day of the fireplace project! It's done - 100% done! The snow started to melt, the birds started to sing, and the table saw came to a stop. What started out as a seemingly simple project turned into quite an exercise in patience and problem solving. The biggest challenges being how to construct the wood mantle (Morgan essentially cut several thin pieces of mahogany and glued them together to create a solid mahogany butcher block - so to speak - that fit around the fireplace) learning how to cut marble without chipping it (masking tape) and making peace with the not quite levelness of the tile (character). Then we learned we bought the wrong kind of grout (sanded) and ended up scratching all the marble tile which was heartbreaking at first, but it all worked out in the end. Lots of lessons learned - and that's really the point, right?

Here are some fun before and after pics of the fireplace project and living/dining room in general. Happy spring - AHHHHHH!





despite mistakenly using "sanded" grout,
the marble still maintains a shine in the afternoon light



Big props to Morgan and my dad for all their hard work. 
Your talents never cease to amaze me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

big and easy

traveling solo in New Orleans last week... still in a delicate state after Katrina (and Mardi Gras) the French Quarter has never been so enchanting.

Friday, February 28, 2014

flashback foto friday: shining brow in the southwest


a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West back in June
making my way through the Arizona desert 
in the middle of summer!

Felt totally sublime sitting in Frank's office
and also decided that every residence should have a cabaret :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

etsy love: travel inspiration

Winter weather has us doing some serious travel planning for spring and as we continue to seek Etsy prints to fill some empty frames on our walls, well let's just say we've been inspired in more ways than one!

oh, you know that Vespa is going to make it into our decor somehow...
Retro Vespa by EyePoetryPhotography

Parisian Art Nouveau melts my heart.
Paris Doors by Raceytay

Paris + Art Nouveau + Mass Transit photography = Etsy ecstasy (for me)
Paris Metro by Photography Dream

okay, Spanish Art Nouveau can be equally breathtaking.
Casa Battlo by fotostrudel

another Gaudi masterpiece
La Sagrada familia by Newman48

Aww, what the heck!

Tuscan Cypress trees
by EyePoetryPhotography

Like a fairy tale.
Venetian canals by EyePoetryPhotography

uncharted territory, 
old town Dubrovnik, Croatia by eireanneilis

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
by inourgardentoo

And if the Maldives travel budget falls through, well there's always...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

bigger and better things

Winter clearly does not want us to finish the fireplace and so I've moved on to planning the next project... here we go, in answer to the question in my previous post: what is the most important room in the house for a busy family of four? The mudroom of course! Everything passes through the mudroom and some things never leave. Ours has a smallish, but okay amount of square footage, yet a very poor laundry layout makes it cramped and unusable in many capacities.

Working on the mudroom will be a lot about adding hooks, paint, building cubbies etc., but the bulk of the work will be about relocating utilities. We want to turn the washer and dryer 90 degrees to create a more spacious layout. In order to do that we must first do the following:

1. relocate the water supply for the washer
2. relocate the the drain for the washer
3. relocate the vent for the dryer
4. relocate the dedicated outlet for the dryer

Sounds like a lot of work for a small gain, but really, reorienting these two pieces of equipment will make such a huge difference in the way this room is used.

Some of this will require tearing up the drywall quite a bit. This has me thinking paneling, much like the design of our fireplace. If its easier to just tear up the drywall and not stress about it too much then I'm all for covering it with painted wainscoting when we're done... sort of ala...

I mean, dare to dream, right?

Also drool-worthy:

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